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So I just got a job at a supermarket.

Yesterday, we had a promotion, "4 toothpastes for the price of one". A woman comes up to my register with four cases of toothpaste, aka 106 tubes, expecting to purchase all of them for the price of one case.

It took fifteen minutes to explain to this woman that the promotion means TUBES of toothpaste, not CASES. And that we have a eight-tube limit on said promotion.

Later she came back and tried to do the same thing at another register.



Just gonna slip these in here...


um. best night ever.


 I'm 18.

That is all.


Random crazy me.

I feel like this thing needs an update. Pardon me if it's boring, but here's some things that have been going on with little old me.

* I had my first actual driving lesson yesterday. I'll admit I was scared out of my freakin' mind at first (especially when I drove on I-84) but it actually got kind of calming and second-nature after a while. But that was probably because I was singing Miley Cyrus' "The Climb" under my breath to calm me down, since it's my favorite song.

* Contrary to what Star magazine said, my hero and my fifth-grade hero are NOT engaged. There was a rumor similar to this last November, which also turned out to be untrue. Now I'm going to actually believe my friends when they say "you have to wait for clarification from somewhere reliable." www.mkashley.com/ashley-olsen-justin-bartha-not-engaged/

* I had my senior pictures done on Monday! I even had some taken with my dog, which was a blast.

* This week is the birthday week for two of my heroes: Justin Bartha (July 21) and Bindi Irwin (July 24). Happy birthday to both of them!

* RIP Walter Cronkite. I have his call about JFK's death memorized....

Well, that's all I can think of for now.

"Romeo save me, they're trying to tell me how to feel. This love is difficult, but it's real!" - Taylor Swift

Justin Bartha

Why have I become so obsessed with, and basically madly in love with, Justin Bartha? I'll tell you.

If you've been following me for a while, you'll know that a bunch of my friends graduated back in '08. Because of that, last summer was one of the worst of my life. I would cry literally every day, wondering what I would do without my best friends at school to help me and laugh with me.

One day that summer, I was going through my movies and found an old favorite: National Treasure. I hadn't seen it in a while, so I decided, hey, it couldn't hurt. So I watched it, and I found myself laughing at Riley's one-liners. Laughing felt great, heaps better than crying did. So the next day, I watched it again, to keep my hopes up. Watching the movie became an everyday thing, with Riley showing me that it was okay to laugh and have fun even though my friends were leaving.

I no longer felt sad about my friends. I was too busy laughing at Riley to feel sad. I don't know what shape I'd be in now if I didn't have National Treasure, and eventually Failure to Launch, to help me through that summer.

I like to think Justin Bartha saved me.

"I'm always surprised when I have fans....I just got into this business because I love to act, it's not something I was ever really a part of." - Justin Bartha

Hooooooly crap, I last updated this thing right after the inauguration. It's been almost seven months. Well, I probably didn't update because I couldn't think of anything to write. I mean, I made this thing as a freshman, and now I'm about to begin my senior year. This was much more of a big deal when I was a young and naive little thing.

I made some changes to the journal, including the layout and title. Hopefully it reflects more of who I am now than who I was years ago. I'm also trying to put dlaurora1955 's Taylor Swift mood theme on here, because I absolutely adore Taylor, but I haven't had any luck. How do you put mood themes on this thing?!

I really hope I'll be updating this thing more than I have been. Maybe not every day, but every few days or when something cool happens to me. Speaking of cool, I got my drivers' permit yesterday. And I drove home from the DMV, which I won't hesitate to say scared me out of my mind. I screwed up a left turn near my house and ended up on the wrong side of the road. I seriously thought I was gonna die. I'll try and not use that left turn again if I can help it.

I'm also gonna start ending my entries with a quote. It's gonna vary, it may be silly or profound. But I'm gonna end every entry with some sort of quote.

"Without a hurt, the heart is hollow." - El Gallo, The Fantasticks

My inauguration experience

So Tuesday pretty much kicked so much ass.

I found out I was gonna be in English class at noon. I did not have very high hopes for watching it, since my English class is a bunch of freaking cement-heads who could care less about the President of the United States. I have a feeling I'm the only one in that class that truly cares about where this country is going. I asked Ms. Black if she was gonna put on the news. She said she was.


In the cafe, Pointek put on all the TVs so we could watch the pre-swearing-in stuff. I couldn't keep my eyes of the tube. I heard some idiot call my name, but I didn't turn around. I was too concentrated on the TV. Anyone else agree with me that the Obama girls are so goddamn CUTE??? I haven't seen kids that cute since my twin cousins were born. Youngest kids to live in the White House since Amy Carter, and man, I love 'em. I'd pay for an American Girl doll of Sasha or Malia.

After lunch, I raced back to my English classroom in like fifteen seconds. Ms. Black had already put on the TV, and it was on full blast. I sat down, not taking my gaze off the screen for even a second. Ms Black even postponed a HUCK FREAKING FINN QUIZ for us to watch the inauguration. Epic win.

The class was dead quiet the entire period. I thought Gabriel's horn had been blown. My English class is NEVER, emphasis on NEVER, quiet. Ms Black's had to yell at us almost every day this year for being too loud.

I noticed the flub that the Chief Justice made right away. I've had the Oath of Office memorized since I was seven years old. At first I thought that the Oath had been changed or something, but than I realized "wtf, that dude's a moron!!"

The bell rang in the middle of Obama's speech. Ms Black said that she'd write out passes to anyone that wanted to stay for the whole thing. GUESS WHO WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT DID. Have I mentioned I hate my English class? They have absolutely no idea of what's important. All they care about is makeup and sex.

So I walked into history ten minutes late, but got a reprieve from my history teacher since she'd figured I'd stayed in my previous class till the President finished. It's times like that I love being who I am, I can be late to class 'cause I was watching the PRESIDENT. Anyone else, she wouldn't've believed. But me? Sure, go ahead, waltz in ten minutes late.

As soon as I got home, I flipped on all the TVs. I was in my parents' room when I heard about Teddy. I screamed so loud I thought my ears would explode. This is the last of the Kennedy boys: my heroes, my icons. I don't wanna even begin to think of my reaction when he finally goes.

So, that's my experience on 1-20-09. One of the best days of my freaking life.
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And a Japanese transistor radio!

This Christmas totally rocked. I think I got the best haul I've ever gotten in my sixteen years. Here's the mandatory list of my presents:

* A blue Dell Inspiron dualcore laptop. It's now my baby. I named it Justin, after Justin Bartha, my celebrity crush. Nobody else in the house can use it. I love it so much!
* A Hershey's bar the size of a DVD box, which I already annihilated.
* The Disneyland Encyclopedia, by Chris Strodder. It's a huge book featuring entries for everything that has ever been at Disneyland in California, and even some stuff that was planned but never built.
* An Abercrombie & Fitch hoodie. It's so comfy and nice. But it's gonna take forever to get the smell of that stuff they spray on it in the store out of it, haha.
* A $30 Barnes & Noble gift card, which I spent on a Princess Diaries book, an M magazine, and Miley's latest CD Breakout.
* A pair of pink satin pajamas for my American Girl dolls. They're the cutest thing.
* Coconut the dog, which is an American Girl product. Now my dolls have a pet.
* A $100 Visa gift card. I'm going shopping in NYC on Thursday, so I'm going to bring it then.
* A couple of cute little ethnic boxes. They're really small, just big enough to fit my class ring or something.
* A "Riley" costume for my American Girl doll, based on Justin Bartha's outfit in the first National Treasure. It's still in the process of being made, but it'll be done by the time my friend and I go to American Girl Place on Thursday.
* A bag of homemade goodies from Manda and Alex, which I killed in about ten minutes in chorale last week.
* An entire bag of Hershey's Kisses, a candy cane, and a double-chocolate donut from the OKP Elves.

Basically, I CLEANED UP. Lol. It was a great Christmas.


what??? ag i will kill you.

for those not into american girl dolls, you may skip this rant.

wtf are you doing, ag????? i could understand if it was kirsten, or even felicity. but SAMANTHA????? goddamn. the economy tanks, and you retire (sorry, "archive") your most popular doll. does anyone see a pattern in this?
just when the one i want is nellie, you have to do this and crush the dreams of so many people. have you thought of the CHILDREN???? the children are the reason your company lives and breathes, and you are taking away their most demanded AG.
samantha rules. nellie rules. and i don't wanna wait another stinking ten years to get anything samantha. or however long she's in the "vault".

ag, thanks for breaking my heart.


pissed in cowtown